mail processing

Mail Processing Services

The heart and soul of the Major Fulfillment operation is our mail processing department. Whether MFI prints your sales collateral material or you furnish it pre-litho'd, our mail processing team will assist with whatever you may require.


If printed elsewhere, send us a proof prior to press so that we can confirm your printed piece meets all current USPS guidelines and will qualify for the maximum postal discounts available. You’ll benefit because we’re able to provide you with a wide range of solutions and you’ll only need to work with one company.

Our mail marketing specialists ensure that your project gets the support it needs to produce the best results possible.


Mail Processing Services:

  • Ink Jet Addressing with Spot-Color up to 8 inches
  • Collating
  • Hand Labeling, Assembly & Packaging
  • Automated Folding and Inserting up to 9x12
  • Metering
  • In-Line Tabbing / Stamping
  • Poly Wrap & Shrink Wrap Services
  • Standard Mail Preparation / Documentation / Delivery
  • Bulk Distribution - UPS / FedEx Pickups Daily
  • Maximum Postage Discounts from Local to National SCF Drops



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