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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the Frequently Asked Questions that we get at Major Fulfillment. Before you start a project with us, it would be worthwhile reviewing the information below regarding our services.


1. Why should our company use MFI?

Answer: By consolidating all your printing, mailing and fulfillment projects with MFI you’ll save valuable time, money and job accountability! And, we have over 40 years in the business…


2. What if we already have a preferred printer?

Answer: No problem… We’re happy to assist with any or all of your post press needs, including lettershop, assembly, warehousing, bulk distributions and ongoing fulfillment campaigns… Whatever you need –


3. Can MFI help us to design our print collateral material?

Answer: Although we are not an Ad Agency our competent pre-press department can help you create a quality design. We only ask that you submit a “mock-up” of your intended piece along with copy, images and desired theme so we can best meet your objectives. You’ll like the savings too!


4. We’re planning a marketing campaign to our existing clientele and would like to mail to new customers to… Can MFI help us find the right mailing list?

Answer: Absolutely, MFI serves as a list broker working with the leading national data compilers to garner targeted Consumer, Business and Specialty files.


5. We don’t have a business mail permit, can we use MFI’s?

Answer: Yes, we offer multiple permits including 1st class presort, standard a (Bulk mail), etc., to insure your mail reaches your audience on time and at the most cost effective rate.


6. I’m confused by all the postage rates and changing USPS guidelines – can MFI help?

Answer: Definitely! We’re experts at reviewing and engineering your printed matter so it will qualify for the best possible postage rates. Even if we don’t print your mailer we encourage you to send us a proof before it goes on press so we can insure it conforms to all current USPS design requirements.


7. Can MFI help us with our next fund raiser for our Non-Profit Corporation?

Answer: MFI is ideally set-up for this type of work no matter the quantity, colors needed or type of variable data required. We have (5) digitally presses which can run short run 4/Color jobs in addition to any type of mail merge “personalized” letter campaign.


8. Our company now has over 40 stores (most are franchisee’s) nationally and we’re looking to consolidate and standardize all our stationary, literature and distribution needs with a single vendor. Does MFI provide these types of services?

Answer: This is a specialty niche for MFI! We can print, store, ship and keep track of all your items with our browser based inventory control program. This will allow each store and/or the Corporate office to order Letterhead, Business Card imprints, etc., (that are printed with the same exact spec’s) and then ship directly to your stores on request.

Additionally, we can consolidate various Direct Mail campaigns for a single store or for multiple participating stores to promote special Sales events, Anniversary’s, etc., while maintain the same brand compatibility for each campaign.


9. We’re a start-up initiating a new direct response program. Can MFI help?

Answer: Certainly, MFI can work with your implementation team from the outset to discern the best way to process orders, package and ship any and all your items in the most economical fashion. You’re inventory will be viewable through your web browser with the ability to generate new orders 24/7.


10. How do we get started and does MFI accept credit cards?

Answer: You’re welcome to initiate a printing, mailing or fulfillment request through one of the links found on this site or simply call or email to discuss with one our trained staff. We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express along with checks, bank wires and cash.