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About Major Fulfillment

Major Fulfillment Inc. is a full-service direct mail marketing company serving Los Angeles, Southern California and the world since 1970. We specialize in direct mail services, commercial printing, graphic design as well as mailing and fulfillment services.

Our goal at Major Fulfillment is to help you to find your message, then to create, print and deliver that message exactly as you intended and at precisely the right time. We are committed to excellence and to exceeding our client's every expectation while developing a long term relationship along the way.

Major Fulfillment, Inc. - Direct mail marketing, mail services, printing and more.

Why You Should Choose Major Fulfillment


We have a competitive advantage over other direct mail and printing groups, based on our ability to house all of the services you need under one roof in our large corporate warehouse.

We specialize in the consolidation of printing, mailing and fulfillment services, enabling our clients the ease of working with just one specialized fulfillment vendor. You can rest assured that by choosing Major Fulfillment, you are working with the best in the industry.

We invite you to sample our services and in turn, save precious time, money and job accountability with your next direct mail or commercial printing project.

We make it extremely easy to begin a new project with us. Upload files to our website through our FTP, place an online order, or keep track of your inventory through our online management system. You can use MFI with confidence and give us a call today to get started!